Andy's creative expressions in metal sculpture rely on his interest in and experience with a wide range of media and methods. Andy has been formally trained in ceramic and jewelry design and techniques, and has made both clay sculpture and fine jewelry for over 25 years. He also draws on his experience with leather, having worked for over 15 years designing and creating leather art hats. Steel work is a culmination of his experience with ceramics, jewelry and leather, fused with a desire to use recycled materials.

Andy is inspired by metal as a material for fine art because of its permanence. Using scrap metal in an untraditional manner, he makes interesting and provocative pieces out of simple components based on design elements derived from his fascination with geometry (Euclidian and Fractal). Andy's processes in the creation of his work include sawing, grinding, tumbling, forging, gas and electric welding, sandblasting, tinting and baked-on finishes.

Every piece is a unique creation, but Andy is happy to consider custom work based on a specific design. Please call to discuss the possibilities.

Andy is based in Amador County in Northern California's Gold Country, with his wife Lorra Lee (click here to see her artwork).

Andy Byrne - 510-289-6685 -

PO Box 1391, Pine Grove, CA 95665